A unique, allegorical collection of NFTs

representing a new era of sustainability within the NFT world; SolSisters are mythical characters of the future, returning to Earth in hopes to save Mother Nature and all her creations.

7,364 Minted.

Each NFT is an algorithmically generated digital collectible of various properties and powers on the energy-efficient Solana blockchain, to produce 7,360 SolSisters.

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It is the year 3000. Humanity has taken advantage of Mother Nature and all she has bestowed upon us. In hopes of survival, she hides in a remote spring at the tip of the Earth, the last known source for water in all the galaxy.

Upon her arrival, Mother Nature encounters the SolSisters, descendants of the sun, possessing solar superpowers. They must join forces; as Mother Nature cannot combat the momentum of the galaxy’s destruction alone.

With the help of the speedy SolSisters, Mother Nature may spread her bounty rapidly enough to save the galaxy, and repopulate our worlds before time runs out…

Who are the SolSisters?

Allegorical & Unique

Cryptographically Signed & Staked with Proof of Ownership

Algorithmically generated, allegorical and unique NFTs

Totally Unique




Unique Attributes


Possible Combinations


Donated to Charity


SolSisters represent the beginning of a new era of sustainability within the NFT world.

The growing climate crisis has led populations around the globe to embrace sustainability-based values, attitudes, and preferences when purchasing products, and making lifestyle choices in total. Whether it’s selecting smarter transportation, or the food you pick up from the grocery store, people all over the world are now “voting with their wallets”.

So, why hasn’t this mindset infiltrated the crypto / NFT space?

With the majority of the market share being occupied by Ethereum, and other PoW (Proof of Work) blockchains – the carbon footprints and energy consumption of the industry is alarming, and poses great danger for the future, both online and offline.

Our ultimate mission is to drive change in this industry, and to pave the way for a better future by advocating for more energy-efficient solutions in the NFT space.

Solana is not only the fastest blockchain currently operating, with much lower gas fees, but the fact that it’s better for the environment made it the obvious choice for our team to get inspired. However, Solana was just the beginning…

The story of the SolSisters is multi-dimensional and was developed with thoughtful intention.

SolSisters are not simply environmental vigilantes of the future, but they all pay homage to strong, brave women, and highlight essential feminist themes reflected artistically and narratively. We fundamentally hope to cultivate a community of people who are passionate, not only about improving the environment, but also empowering women in this environment.

In the same way that artists use exhibitions as tools to make political statements, or take a stance on global issues, the SolSisters collection holds the same intrinsic value, and stands for more than just an aesthetic collectible with utility — they stand for a moment in time.

The SolSisters collection is at the intersection of creative placemaking and social + environmental justice for the NFT space. As such, their value is not only indicated in hours spent on artistic production, but also through the artistic choices that convey the current climate – both thermal and political – of the world.

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Owning a SolSister means owning the responsibility of creating change, and taking initiative in working towards a better future. See our roadmap for more information.

Summary Utility for Holders.

Beautiful Art

First and foremost we believe in the intrinsic value of good art. In the same way that artists use exhibitions as tools to make political statements, or take a stance on global issues, the SolSisters collection holds the same intrinsic value, and stands or more than just an aesthetic collectible with utility – they stand for a moment in time.


By holding a SolSister, you will continue to support noble causes and have your voice heard through our vote for change initiative. Every SolSister will be able to vote for how we distribute a portion of our secondary royalties to charities.

NFT Drops

After our public mint, we will be releasing a limited list of Sisters. If you hold two of these in your wallet, you will be entitled to receive a customised 1:1 of your Sisters in one NFT.


SolSister holders will have access to the mint of our Sisterverse pieces. These will form the building block of an innovative combined art piece NFT and platform.


Phase 1

Creation of NFTs

  • NArtists & team work closely together to develop and create an allegorical collection of NFTs
  • NIncludes 10 highly customized 1/1 rare goddesses.

Phase 2


  • N750 SolSisters released for pre-sale on October 2, 2021. (Sold out in ~1 minute)

Phase 3

Mint Goes Live

  • NMint on October 15, 2021 at 1900 UTC
  • N10% of primary gross proceeds donated to charity (Women's Earth Alliance) -- 12th November 2021.

Phase 4

Marketplace Integration

  • NAvailable on Solanart following launch.
  • NMagic Eden, Alpha Art and FTX added a few days after.

Phase 5

NFT Drops

  • NExclusive NFT drops to holders of Twin SolSisters during the course of October - December 2021.

Phase 6

The Sisterhood

  • N Establishment of the Sisterhood fund which will distribute a portion of transaction fees to relevant charitable causes.
  • NEach SolSisters holder will be entitled to a quarterly vote on which causes to support - the vote for change.

Phase 7

Build For The Future

  • NAll SolSister holders airdropped hexagonal NFTs on December 18, 2021 and listed on Magic Eden. These pieces contain special elements, which are not only visually beautiful art in their own right; they also fit together to formulate new planets, to ultimately create the foundation of the Sisterverse.

Phase 8

Sisterverse Platform Goes Live

  • NSolSister holders who have collected their Sisterverse NFTs will have access to the Sisterverse platform.
  • NSisterverse platform allows holders to secure their spot in the Sisterverse and share their NFT collections.

Phase 9

Sisterverse Game Launch

  • NOnline Sisterverse game launched. Holders will use their NFTs to grant them extra powerups in the games.


Meticulously Designed

Our talented artists have years of experience in creating vector art, and carefully handcrafted a range of unique and innovative characteristics to fuel the SolSisters ecosystem. Get an inside look into the highly intricate creative process that goes into creating our SolSisters.













Project Manager, Marketing



Project Manager, Tech






Product Design & Marketing

Represents only the core founding team and excludes partners working hard on this project across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions.


How do I purchase a SolSisters NFT?

On release the Mint function will take you to a standalone page where you can connect your wallet and purchase a SolSisters NFT. We are trying to structure our distribute to be as fair as possible, with live minting & instant distribution. Please note that – if the solana blockchain gets clogged – it could take a while to receive your NFT.

How many NFTs are in the collection?


How can you ensure distribution is random?

SolSisters are distributed using a smart contract stationed on the Solana blockchain, which can be verified and audited by the Solana core devs.

Is each SolSister unique?

Each SolSister NFT is unique and powerful in her own way. While some may be more powerful than others, our meticulous design and coding ensures that every NFT is unique, and no SolSister can ever be replicated.

Which wallet should I use?

Preferably Phantom.

What can I do with my SolSisters NFT?

First and foremost we believe in the intrinsic value of good art. That is why we have partnered with professional artists to craft a unique series.

Central to being part of the Sisterhood is holding a vote for change. Every SolSisters holder will be able to vote on ongoing community initiatives.

Please see our Roadmap for more details.

How were the SolSister generated?

Most SolSister NFTs are randomly generated from a collection of attributes created by our artists. They are minted using the Metaplex – currently the standard protocol used on Solana for minting NFTs. Each NFT is unique, and non-fungible – this means they have only one account holder & are cryptographically signed.

A select few SolSisters have been individually and carefully crafted as originals – look out for these – they’re #VeryRare.

Who is behind SolSisters NFTs?

We are a dedicated team of artists, creatives, Solana enthusiasts and coders.

We assembled through our common interest in Solana, and how the technology could ultimately pave the way towards a better blockchain for the future.

We created the SolSisters story to artistically and allegorically advocate for a blockchain that is both faster and more energy-efficient.

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds from across the globe, and we are passionate about exploring ways to alleviate the climate crisis and advocate for equality for women, especially within the NFT space.



How to get in touch with us

Get in touch with us via our Twitter or Discord, both linked throughout our website.

Get in touch with us.

Get in touch with us via our Twitter or Discord.